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Den 20 april 2009 försvarade Linda Aagaard Thomsen framgångsrikt sin avhandling "Quality indicators of preventable  drug adverse events in patients with type 2 diabetes" vid Köpenhamns universitets farmaceutiska fakultet. Biträdande handledare har professor Arne Melander varit.

The performed studies revealed that preventable adverse drug events occur frequently in ambulatory care, and that there is a need for implementation of quality improvement programs in general practice that target errors in prescribing and monitoring, especially for patients using cardiovascular drugs, analgesics and antihyperglycemic agents. The applied register-based quality assessment model focuses directly on specific aspects of type 2 diabetes care and patient cases where quality improvement is needed. The model provides the ability to assess the incidence, risk, and economic implications associated with the identified medication errors. The developed model may supplement already established quality assessment tools, and may decrease the incidence of medication errors, facilitate changes in clinical decision making, and assist the restructuring of the medication use system resulting in safer medical therapy and less harm to patients.